Melineige Beauregard and Chris Guinto

Hawaii, USA

‘If you ain’t first, you’re last.’  This has been the family mantra since granddaddy Guinto invented fire and Chris continues to carry that torch to this day. Evident in his sculptures which millions have made pilgrimages to witness, words like “Supernatural”, “Divine providence” and “Number one on my bucket list” are often used to describe his sculptures. In a nutshell, as Chuck Norris once said: “Sculpting? I leave that to Chris Guinto.”


That was true until he met his nemesis, Melineige Beauregard. It was at that point he truly understood he might not stand at the top of the food chain anymore. Opposites attract, and like fire & water, they’ve competed for the “King of the Hill” title, pushing each other to the extreme limits of their abilities.


Sure enough, they ended up sharing the view on top of the hill, because what is a Queen without her King? Chris and Mel are now living in Hawaii. Sculpting sand and roaming the world, offering crocodiles management assistance in countries of need.